yCTO platform


The voice of young people is insufficiently included in choices regarding the development and use of technology in the context of a city.


Giving young people a voice and making an important contribution in the context of inclusion and diversity.

Feasibility study yCTO

interact. Value: considers it important that young people have a full voice in choices made with regard to technology by the municipality and how the municipality and (public) organizations apply technology. The first steps have been taken in the development of the yCTO platform. (All young people are a CTO, y = youth)

In 2021 we conducted a feasibility study on yCTO, which looked at, among other things, the feasibility of having the voice of young people on the side of the municipality 'received' as well. The CTO of the City of Amsterdam supports our initiative in this research phase.

Prototype yCTO platform

Based on this research and our own findings, Interact. Value: started in 2021 with the development of a prototype of the yCTO Platform and the preparation of pilots in 2022. The yCTO platform aims to provide solutions for the following challenges: The voice of young people is too often included ad hoc and not formally in decision-making. The opinion of young people is often not heard (received) and also not valued in decision-making. The distance between (public) organizations and young people is too great. Cooperation with education/youth institutions to involve young people is difficult. Young people are given too little opportunity to be directly involved in decisions about their future. Young people have too little interest in social political themes and do not feel well heard.

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