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In interactive sessions, work is carried out to further the ideas (dreams) of young people by introducing issues from municipalities, companies and organizations about specific interactions in a city. For this we have collected 100 City Interactions in the city, such as living, working, shopping, parking, checking in, serving, cleaning, eating, going out, informing, learning, making etc etc.

Interact Value does research into modern technological concepts to prepare for session . These are assessed on technical functioning, human values ​​and the method of communication. The concepts are shown in the sessions for inspiration and to further the dreams of the participants. We now have an extensive database with inspiring videos about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, Speech, Face Recognition etc.

In an Interact for Good session, we also give mini lectures about, "the guest journey", the "privacy-convenience" discussion and the role of "machines" in communication. An important aspect of the session is the interactive nature. Young people discuss their ideas and there is discussion about the desirability of certain technological solutions.

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