City Interactions Event

On Interact for Good Day

Welcome to Interact for Good Day

Note: Due of the current circumstances in the world, the Event on the 15th of april will be postponed. A new date has to be determined.

During the Interact for Good day, we give young people a vote on the future of communication. During the whole day, young people get together with their dreams about future city interactions. Under the influence of new technology, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, face recognition, speech, robotics, artificial intelligence etc. namely change interactions in the city between people and organizations. On the 4th of June, we organize a City Interactions Event where we will give professionals the opportunity to talk with young people to insert their own question and to be inspired by start-ups.

Young people as a participant

More than 200 young people from various schools in the Amsterdam metropool region are participating in the battle of various city interactions such as serve, information, check in, parking, navigate, delivery, living, working, shopping, learning etc. We make them in an inspiring and active way conscious of the role of new technology and let them reflect on the interest of their privacy.

Start-ups as an inspirator

We invite start-ups to inspire young people and professionals to enrich their dreams over city interactions. at the same time the start-ups get feedback on their innovations.

Interactive program

The inspiring Interact for Good day program exists from:

Interact for Good sessions starting from 9:30 am (for classes in the morning and afternoon)

Interact for Good exposition

Start-up inspiration tour

Date: To be determined, at the OBA

In june we will organize the City Interactions discussion event.

Where young people meet with professionals and professionals can hear the voice of youth.